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What is Civic Education

    National Education means that all citizens of a mutually acceptable education. To enhance Hong Kong people's sense of national identity, sense of identity with the motherland, concerned about national affairs, care for the national interests, the social and national responsibility for the purpose of fostering national study traditional Chinese fine qualities, improve the quality of the people. Hong Kong people to realize the development of Hong Kong with the country's development closely linked, is the most important national education foundation.
    Since reunification, the SAR government considers education as a national priority. Hong Kong is part of China, the promotion of national education and the training of national consciousness is our basic responsibility, only return to the motherland in 1997, the community will pay more attention to the implementation of national education. Hong Kong as a whole in the national consciousness is not weak, but the people of the country understand not thorough enough, So the people of Hong Kong should step up the development of Chinese culture and the recognition of history. To achieve the above objectives, Civic Education Committee in 2004, and Youth Affairs Committee set up a "national education task force," to facilitate the development of Hong Kong society and the public opinion of the promotion of national education strategies and plans, and through this task force, Let all people on the national education more discussions comment. 
Undertaken in a manner
With the development of national, large-scale thematic exhibitions for students and the public to understand the situation.
Organizing activities of the exchanges, so that young people understand contemporary China's development and achievements
 Provide national education kits to support the work of teaching and learning. 
Various large physical activities for the development of national patriotism. 

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